What is the concept of e-marketing, its importance, and who needs it in his work life?

What is the concept of e-marketing, its importance, and who needs it in his work life?
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Every owner of a company or product wishes to achieve more sales or reach the largest possible number of customers, and those who provide services hope that they will also reach the largest possible number of beneficiaries, and to achieve the goals they set for their institutions or companies.

According to marketing experts, every person who wants to reach his target audience must follow integrated marketing strategies, using all possible tools to achieve the goals he set within a tight plan.

With the rapid development of technology and modern communication tools, the term “digital marketing” appeared, and some call it “electronic marketing”, which is one of the most important growth sectors and in demand in the business world during the communications revolution and the rapid technological development that occurred in recent years.

It is even considered one of the most important foundations for the success of companies, reaching their audience, increasing their sales, and improving their performance in the event that there are gaps in their products, based on the reactions of the interacting audience.

At present, all companies, institutions and organizations (small, medium and large) in addition to individuals need electronic marketing to enhance their business, increase their sales, or deliver the message in a thoughtful and accurate manner if the institutions are non-profit.

People differ greatly in defining an accurate digital marketing concept; Some of them think that electronic marketing is simply creating accounts on the company’s social media sites or the product, and some think that the mere existence of a website for the company, product or service that you provide is sufficient in reaching your target audience.


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But e-marketing is an integrated marketing plan that uses modern electronic technologies and all means of communication available over the Internet to reach the largest target audience on the network at a lower cost than traditional marketing.

Others define it as the application of traditional direct marketing strategies known in the labor market, but through the use of all available means online (the official website professionally designed and compatible with all devices, and creative content that contributes to its archiving on search engines and its appearance in the first results of the search, and the industry Attractive content on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, online paid ads, e-mail newsletters … and others).

The e-marketer aims, through the integrated process that he performs through all available means on the Internet, to increase visits to the official website and attract attention to the brand or product he sells or the service or message he provides; And that is by creating attractive content and presenting it in the best ways within a pre-studied strategy.

Some believe that e-marketing is for companies to use modern means of communication in all their movements, starting from publicizing the company and awareness of its brand and displaying its products, ending with communicating with consumers and delivering the product to them, caring for customers after receiving the product and knowing their reactions, improving the product based on the reactions and research From other clients; With the aim of expanding activity, opening new markets, increasing sales, or providing services to the largest possible sector.

Types of electronic marketing can be identified by:

1- Blogging and articles with creative content that increases your chances of reaching your audience.

2- Social media sites and using them to publish the creative promotional content for the Social Media product or service.

3- SEO optimization to make your website SEO-compliant; It is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.
4- Electronic ads on social media and online ads.

5- E-mail marketing by sending messages that know your activity to the target audience.
6- Marketing through the phone by communicating with Al Mubasher with the target audience and introducing the product or service provided by Mobile Marketing.

We will single out the types of electronic shopping with a special article, in which we will talk in detail about each one, and the best methods that can be used to reach the precise target.

The importance of electronic marketing in the job market:

1- Through the use of modern tools, workers in the field of electronic marketing can provide their services at times commensurate with the times of Internet users ’activity from their audience, by monitoring their activity, and providing this content at times that suit most of them. And also to keep the content displayed and published on the platforms; This helps in displaying it to the largest possible segment, and thus increasing sales, or reaching the service to beneficiaries, unlike traditional marketing related to time, place and the condition of individuals.

2- While the product of any company is spread in its surroundings and in places that it can reach directly, or through people who contribute to marketing this product to consumers and this matter costs them large sums of money; E-marketing expands the geographical targeting of customers and introduces the product, thus reaching the largest possible number of customers interested in the product, and expanding sales operations through the tools provided by the Internet and modern communication tools.

3- If any company wants to market a product in a traditional way, it needs a lot of time, effort and money, while electronic marketing provides a service for branding, products and communication processes with consumers at costs, effort and time less than the traditional one, through the modern tools available.

4- The owners of companies can, through e-marketing and communication with the public, know the behavior of customers and the goods they prefer, which makes them adjust the plans for the company and its products based on the customers’ desire. Which will achieve more acquisition of the market for them.

5- The marketing process is primarily an interactive process, and it is a stand-alone community between the owner of the product and the consumers, and this will increase the chances of consumers returning to purchase the product, and it will motivate the seller to provide the best services, to gain the satisfaction of his followers and friends, and thus reach the largest possible number of them.

6- With e-marketing, you can accurately measure the results you get, and thus quickly adjust marketing plans to match the requirements of your audience.

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