reasons why fast food is bad for you

Take-o (fast food) is a word we hear a lot at the present time, as it is a meal prepared in a small period of time, and fast food is one of the most common food habits spread these days and is called (takway) for its rapid preparation, and more The youth group and students of universities and institutes bought it, until it began to attract children of all ages and flock to it, especially in light of the presence of different restaurants and their spread in all regions, whether international restaurants, local or popular restaurants.

Fast food between pro and fairs
Fast food has become a haven for many people, as it tastes delicious and has the ability to satisfy all tastes, and has become presented in parties and events, whether for adults or children, and fast food of many types and flavors, so today it has become the most present in the food lists, and the most famous among people and among He demanded food, but the meals did not receive everyone’s approval, so doctors and nutritionists warn against eating junk food, and stress not to eat it in abundance, especially for people who are accustomed to eating it on a daily or almost daily basis.

Damages fast food
_ Fast food contains a large percentage of fats and proteins that lead to obesity for those who eat it a lot at all times

_ People who eat fast food are more likely to develop cancer.

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that come as a result of consuming fast food and soft drinks

_ Eating fast food causes atherosclerosis, heart disease, and vascular disease

_ Eating fast food causes anemia and general weakness in the body as a result of the food not containing the important nutrients for building the body.

_ As a result of not knowing the sources of these meals, these foods can be unclean and with a high fat content in them, they cause digestive diseases, most notably stomach germs, infections, and stomach and colon ulcers.

In order to avoid all these previously mentioned harms and to make fast food healthy, we must follow the following.

_ It is possible with some simple changes to transform fast food from harmful to healthy and make it better and more suitable for health. When ordering pizza, for example, it is possible to choose the types that consist of larger quantities of vegetables and less amounts of meat and cheese, and the pizza dough to be thin in order to try to reduce the calories of pizza .

_ It is also possible to use brown bread as a substitute for white bread, and to order a small size of the meal, and also avoid everything that is fried, such as potatoes, and of course reduce soft drinks, and replace them with fresh fruits and juices, increase fresh vegetables, and it is sufficient to eat only two meals a week.

The benefits of fast food
1- Fast food is convenient, as healthy foods can be chosen through take-way restaurants located everywhere, with minimal effort and time possible.

2- The cost of meals is low, as the places where these foods are prepared work to attract customers by reducing prices.

3- Control of calories: Some restaurants write the number of calories on all foods, which enables a person to control the calories of the foods he eats and reduce calories in order to avoid diseases caused by increasing calories.

Does fast food have an impact on society?
Yes, fast food has an impact on society, so the increase in its popularity and consumption increases the rates of weight gain and the increase in obesity and obesity diseases in the community for adults, youth and children, which increases dangerous diseases in society, and despite the awareness of doctors always and warning them against eating junk food, and trying to educate people to improve Diet However, people’s preoccupation with their work causes them to eat outside the home a lot, thus increasing the damage and negative effects on the health care system, and from its negative effects also it causes the family to separate and not gather them on one dining trip, so everyone in the family eats a quick meal outside the home Thus, they do not congregate.

Tips for taking advantage of healthy meals
Some tips to help you benefit from healthy eating while enjoying it.

1- Eat foods rich in nutrients

2- Maintaining the appropriate weight

3- Eat whole grains, vegetables and fruits in abundance

4- Regularity in eating meals.

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