How do I deactivate the automatic corrector on my smartphone?

Very handy for correcting typos, the automatic entry system of our smartphones often plays tricks on us by replacing one word with another in our text messages, which can make you smile or … embarrass us. This assistant can also put our nerves to the test when we want to type a proper name or a foreign word and it systematically transforms it into an unrelated term …

Here is how to fix the problem. But be careful: you will have to take care to reread your messages carefully to avoid both typing errors and thoughtlessness.

● With an Android mobile
Open the settings and locate “Language and input” or “Keyboard”, located, depending on the version and type of device, in the “System and update” or “Global management” section. Select the active keyboard (Android keyboard, SwiftKey, Samsung keyboard, or other), then choose “Typing” (or “Smart Typing”) and review the options. One of them necessarily concerns the autocorrection system: on recent Samsung models, it is called “Automatic replacement”. On Huawei’s, this is called “Auto Correct”. Uncheck the corresponding box or move the slider to deactivate this function. The words you type will no longer be replaced.

● On an iPhone
Open “Settings”, then select the “General” item. Then choose the “Keyboard” line. All that remains is to move the cursor to the “Automatic correction” option. Note, however, that iPhone’s corrector can learn your own words or words with special spelling. In this case, it displays it in quotation marks at the bottom of the input window. You just need to validate it with your fingertip to store it in the dictionary and be able to use it later. And in the event of frequent errors, you can always delete this custom dictionary by going to the “General” section of “Settings”, then choosing “Reset” and finally “Reset keyboard dictionary”.

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