does working out make your skin look better

If losing weight, improving your agility and sculpting your body did not encourage you to exercise regularly, you will change your mind when you learn about the aesthetic benefits of sport that you have not heard of before.

There is no doubt that up until now you realize the impact of physical activity not only to achieve a perfect body and burn fat, but also to have endless benefits for health, including heart, blood pressure, cholesterol, osteoporosis, and arthritis. But today we will not talk about the health benefits of sport, but you will be surprised that it gives you many aesthetic benefits.

What are the aesthetic benefits of sport?
1- Increase skin glow
When you do cardio exercise or when you run, blood flow increases to your face, which is why your face becomes red after exercising. But do not be alarmed by this as it is in your best interest and provides your skin with the oxygen needed to become more glowing and brighter. Exercise increases the beauty of your skin and increases its radiance.

2- Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
Yes, physical activity helps fight wrinkles and signs of aging because it relieves stress and tension and thus prevents the high level of cortisol in the blood. Also, an elevated level of cortisol leads to the breakdown of proteins, including collagen and elastin. Exercise stimulates collagen production and prevents skin aging and sagging. Therefore, do not hesitate to exercise to keep skin elastic and youthful.

3- Remove acne
It is known that exercise promotes blood circulation and thus this will not only nourish the skin and provide it with oxygen, but also help it get rid of toxins and dirt, through sweating. Sweating flushes out all the trapped residue inside the facial pores. Therefore, be sure to exercise to get rid of acne and toxins that lead to their appearance, and do not forget to have your face clean and free of any cosmetics before starting physical activity.

4- Makes hair healthier
The increased blood flow as a result of exercising regularly increases the beauty of your skin and the beauty of your hair as well. As the blood helps the nutrients to reach the roots of the hair and promotes its growth. On the other hand, exercise helps to get rid of stress and anxiety, which reduces the rate of hair loss and hair loss.

5- It enhances self-confidence
What is the secret of women’s beauty? Self-confidence. Exercising regularly boosts your self-confidence, not because you are starting to lose kilos, but because you feel convinced of your body shape, physical activity, and a healthy lifestyle that increases your self-esteem. In addition, one study has shown that self-confidence reflects on your outward appearance and increases your charm and attractiveness in the eyes of others. From here, the British study conducted at the University of Exeter in England confirmed that all those who started exercising in the gym increased their self-confidence, even before noticing any change in their body shape.

Skincare when practicing sports Some sporting practices may affect the skin in a negative way, and some of these practices are the following [1]: Outdoor sports: One of the main risks of exercising outside is exposure to sunlight, as sunburns increase the risk of skin cancer. And the signs of aging appear faster, and to avoid these harmful risks to the skin, you must exercise with sunscreen, and it is useful to wear clothes that cover as much of the skin as possible and to wear a hat to shade the face. Exposure to friction: Another problem that may affect the skin due to wearing tight clothes, as these clothes cause skin friction, and cause rashes, which may develop into permanent blisters, and a rash where the skin friction with clothes, and to avoid the friction resulting from tight clothes, it is better to wear clothes that absorb Sweat, such as sports bras, and showering after completing the exercise, and it is preferable to wear loose-fitting sports clothes, and to ensure that the skin is clean to prevent clogging of pores, which ultimately cause pimples. Avoid wearing cosmetic powders: It is better not to apply cosmetic powders while exercising. This is to prevent clogging of the pores, thus causing significant damage to the skin. The benefits of sports for the body There are many benefits of exercise that benefit the body, mind, and skin, and among these benefits that strengthen the skin and skin together are the following: [2] Protecting bones and building muscles. Various sports activities, along with a good diet, work to tighten and strengthen muscles in all places of the body, In addition to its great importance in building muscles, it strengthens bones more, increases their cohesion and strength, makes them more resistant to diseases and various external factors, and shows the effect of good and healthy health on the skin and skin. Improving sleep, raising energy levels, activity, and forming a protective body barrier. Maintaining the health and vitality of the skin, the presence of some type of massage sport or massages that one receives from physiotherapy sessions and regular cosmetic sessions, and this sport is the most important and most effective type in preserving the youth and vitality of the skin

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