Best Free Website Builders of 2021

Creating a website is the passion of many people or companies. Creating your own website that expresses you or present your idea to others is one of the necessities of this era.

As you see the world is going through a crisis and everyone has become dependent on the Internet to buy supplies from the first food through to medicine, clothes, home or office appliances.

Even the services have become electronic and you do not need today to go to the bank to follow up your account, through the application you can do everything.

Therefore, website owners are the least economically affected in such circumstances because they have an alternative outlet for communicating with customers.

What is the problem for beginners in creating a website?
The cost of creating a website is high.
Domain and hosting needs money.
They do not like to deal with coding or use complicated methods.
So I thought of helping everyone looking for how to create a free website for life in providing the best 3 free websites that help you get a free website and provide you with free hosting and a domain without writing code.

In addition to a special gift for visitors to a hosting and domain site that you will not find anywhere else. So I hope you read the article to the end to get the full information, and then choose what fits your site idea and start implementation.

How to create your own website for free?
In this post, I will present to you the best sites that save you the costs of creating a website for you to use to create a free Arab or foreign site.

But it is more important than getting the site is good preparation for the idea of ​​the site and what it will offer to your visitors is the main factor in the success of the site and its popularity.

The sites in this post are distinguished by providing a free package where any user can subscribe and create a free site with the ability to upgrade at any time to the paid plan, which will give you many great features and preserve your site data for life.

What are the steps to create a website?
Steps to create a website are based on 3 main factors:

Hosting: It is a service provided by web hosting companies
Domain: the name of your site, for example:
Website design: It is the visual design for the user through which he views your website content.
The great thing about this post is that it will save you time and effort in obtaining these factors, and I will offer you the best sites for creating a free website that provides you with hosting, domain and design for free.

Requirements for creating a free website
All we need to subscribe and register is to provide a personal email from Google, Yahoo or any other service provider to complete the registration process.

Note that all the sites in this post do not need to write software codes nor previous experience in creating a free website because they are designed specifically for beginners and are constantly being developed in order to provide the easiest way to design a free site without writing code.

As these sites provide you with the possibility of choosing between two methods of website design

Choose a free template and modify it
Drag and drop design
You can choose a free template suitable for the type and area of ​​your site and modify it according to the capabilities available in each template or design by dragging and dropping the design parts and moving them quite easily to place them in the place you see fit for the shape of your site, and both are easy to handle to suit every beginner.

Create a free private website
First: the WordPress site
How to create your own website for free The first site in this post is the official WordPress site, which allows users to create a free site for life with the provision of hosting service and create a free subdomain during registration.

Create a free private website

WordPress site features

In a previous post, I talked about explaining WordPress in detail, including that the WordPress site provides the Arabic language to make it easier for Arab users to build a free website with some great features that can be used in the process of improving the site, such as:

Jetpack service: managing website configuration in search engines and publishing on social pages.
Free SSL Certificate: I get a free SSL certificate during registration linked to the site.
Free WordPress Templates: More than 100 free templates suitable for the nature of your site.
Steps to create a website

WordPress is the best CMS content management program in the world and the most used one at all, with 35% of the total active websites on the Internet. Start creating a free WordPress site through the official website here.

Second: strikingly
Creating a website for my website Strikingly is one of the best sites that provide a free website design service with Web 2.0 system such as that provided by Weebly, and it is one of the best emerging sites in providing this service compared to the features that you will get.

How to make a free website

Strikingly website features

Upload more than one site
Free domain (sub)
500 MB storage space
5 GB data transfer space (bandwidth)
Create an online store (for one product only)
Visit the site
Of course, they are limited features, but they are completely sufficient in order to create a free website especially for starters, especially if you are dealing with sites that provide you with regular service without interruption or loss of data.

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