Benefits of cooking at home

Cooking is a group of techniques that use heat to transform food and in order to facilitate the digestion of some foods by the human body while eliminating the bacteria and parasites that may contain them.

However, despite the benefits of cooking, it is not without some consequences, as some foods may lose their nutritional value due to prolonged exposure to heat.

Cooking not only changes the color and consistency of the food, but it can also spoil the taste and nutritional value of the food because:

Starting at 45 ° C inactivation of enzymes.
And between 60 and 75 degrees Celsius destroys vitamin C, which is most sensitive to heat and light.
Starting at 90 or 95 ° C some types of vitamin B are lost.

Steam or paper cooking:
Steam cooking means that the food is cooked surrounded by steam or broth. As for paper cooking, the food is wrapped in airtight paper to be cooked normally in the oven.

One of the benefits of this method is that it allows to preserve the highest possible amount of nutrients without the need to add mental materials (such as oil, for example).

Foods to be cooked in this way:
Fish and seafood, poultry, delicate or delicate materials that do not require a long time for cooking, vegetables of all kinds.

Boil cooking:
Boiling involves cooking food in boiling water that has a temperature of about 100 degrees.

Cold cooking method:
This method begins with cooking in a cold, fragrant or unscented liquid, which results in osmosis or a mutual effect between the food and the liquid in which it is cooked, as the fragrant liquid penetrates into the food to give it a specific flavor. This obtained liquid can be reused after the completion of the cooking process.

On the other hand, the method of cold cooking is consistent with dry and soft foods, and only the cooking time varies.

Hot cooking method:
This method begins with cooking in a hot, fragrant or unscented liquid, which will soften the muscle fibers. It is a useful way to quickly cook food, provided the food is not very dry (seafood, some types of fish, meat …).

Boiling in a hot liquid has several characteristics, including: cooking foods quickly, preserving better the color of vegetables and nutrients, and destroying enzymes that destroy vitamins.

Foods to be cooked in this way:
Fish and seafood, poultry and meat are relatively dry, soft items that do not take a long time to cook.

Cooking with barbecue:
This method is based on cooking food at a constant temperature, either in the oven or on the grill. This method is usually used to cook tender meat. As heat can dry out food, the food’s cooking must be constantly monitored.

The main benefit of this method of cooking is that it allows the formation of a colored outer crust, which gives a kind of crunch and pleasure when eating.

Foods to be cooked in this way:
Lean meat and fish, very dry vegetables (carrots, parsnips, fennel or bisbass, etc.).

Slow cooking with sauce:
There are two different methods, but they have many similarities. Slow cooking means cooking (with a lid) a piece of meat (generally large size) in a slow and light manner for an extended period of time, in a fragrant liquid. As for frying, whether using cooking sauce or soup, it gives a similar result to slow cooking, provided the same quality of meat is used. However, unlike slow cooking, the meat should be cut into cubes of the same size.

If you cook slowly or fry in a sauce or a seasoning soup, it is recommended that you grill it until browned before adding the liquid. This gives it color and flavor.

These cooking methods are ideal for obtaining a delicious flavor for dry cuts of meat in particular the shoulder, neck or chest. There are some seafood and vegetables that can be slow cooked or fried in a sauce.

Foods to be cooked in this way:
Fish and seafood, poultry, delicate or delicate materials that do not require a long time for cooking, vegetables of all kinds.

Cooking by stirring over the fire very quickly
This method of cooking has similar characteristics to grilling, as it relies on cooking food at either a high or low temperature, in order to get rid of a small amount of fat. This quick cooking method that gives foods color and flavor is best suited to materials or products that are tenderer and of smaller quantity. As it is the case for frying directly in the sauce without adding water, something that requires some skill in the chef … as it should avoid burning.

Foods to be cooked in this way:
The meats are tender, the fish are small, various seafood, fruits and vegetables can be cooked.

Note :
Although adding a fatty substance contributes to developing the color and flavor of the food, it is best if it is in a very small amount.

If you want to lose weight and eat a healthy meal, you have to start by cooking your own food. Celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder listed four useful reasons for home cooking, which in turn help you follow a healthy diet and reduce weight.

Make the best choice: vegetables are considered appetizing when standing in the middle of the Khasar and Fruits Market, rather than staring at the fast-food menu.

A study recently published in the Journal of Public Health and Nutrition found that “people who cook meals at home, consume fewer calories compared to people who eat out.”

Eliminate the guessing game: Often, you have no idea what meal you will be eating at the restaurant. The following questions may be asked: Did the chef use olive or vegetable oil to cook meat? And did he add a lot of sugar and salt to the sauce? Did he use food coloring ingredients?

Cooking at home does not ask all of these questions, as the ingredients used are known to the person who will be eating.

Eating calmly: Eating calmly means that you enjoy every bite and feel full, which in turn leads to greater ease of digestion. As for cooking food at home, and then eating it with family and friends, it creates a supportive atmosphere and helps fight stress.

Cooking is easier than you think: Cooking does not require great talent, and you can start preparing breakfast juice, one meal a week, and then improve your skills, taking into account that the simplest foods are always the healthiest.

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