18 Language Learning Methods That You Need to Know

Because music and melody play a big role in forming words that are preserved in our memory, but not listening to songs in any way, for example choosing a group of songs and moving between them without focusing on their words or their meanings and just repeating them once does not help in learning the language.

The correct way is to choose a song and devote a whole week to it so that you can enjoy and understand every word and letter in it and pronounce it, and extract all the phrases and phrases that can be used, and this means do not leave the song until it becomes in your printed memory as if you were responding to their song when someone asks for your name.

Watching movies without subtitles
The problem is like listening to songs, but here with more focus, you can see how the letters are pronounced, understand words of expressions, and how phrases are used in different places, and for that you can watch movies. It really is among the best. Methods of learning languages, the correct method must be followed:

Watch the movie or cut it multiple times with subtitles and lots of focus.
Watch the same movie or clip, but this time without subtitles, as per your understanding of the spoken word.
17-20 hours is enough to learn the basics of your chosen language
20 hours is sufficient to learn the basics of your chosen language

You may think that learning a new language is important and takes a lot of time. Indeed. Any language is nothing but a sea of ​​words, phrases, sentences and phrases, but the basics of the language and the basic grammar that will give you a good start to mastering it only takes 20 hours but not 20 hours and how!

These 20 hours should be in your focus as you learn on your own and watch and delve into them, you can split them as you want 5 hours for 4 days or 2 hours for 10 days which will be the first step in 1000 steps.

Accreditation … the best way to learn languages, whatever they are
Whatever language you want to learn, the best way to learn languages ​​is to trust it so that you have no other choice but to learn and master it, how is it done? If you could travel, that would be the best solution, but let’s be realistic and choose a method that mimics this. All you have to do is set aside approximately an hour per day to not speak to anyone and to say no words except in the language you are learning, that is, to forget your native language completely.

Reading books, news and paragraphs in this language
Read books, news and paragraphs in this language

The problem here is that we do not want to stay in the target language learning circle, it uses that language, and this question has a powerful effect that you will feel and touch once you try it, so when you read a book or news in the language you are learning, it will be a way to understand what you are reading.

Besides being one of the best ways to learn languages, it is also a way to determine your progress, competence, and learning style.

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Little current information is better than cutting a river
Language and any language cannot be learned intermittently because it differs from a lot of skills, and language in short depends on accumulation and this is the reason that the elderly always excel in language, so do not devote a day after a week of studying the language and then a week passes and without that you will find that you forgot that I I never studied and the step I took took roughly the same amount immediately, so leave 10 to 15 minutes a day or roughly every day for learning and reviewing the language.

Focus and to understand the most important words

For example, in the English language, 2000 to 2500 words are the basic words that make up more than 80% of the sentences and phrases, so once you focus on them you will skip more than three quarters of them out of the way and you will be able to understand, speak and even write this language in relation to the amount Residual. It comes very gradually and will be easy with help

Confusing it with your language is the best way to learn languages
Although relying constantly on one’s language to learn a language is one of the biggest obstacles to one’s development, merging the two languages ​​is one of the best ways to learn a language and it is different from relying on it. , How? ‘Or’ What?

That is, in the same sentence instead of saying it completely in Arabic, say two or more words in the language you want to learn, and the same if you want to memorize a long paragraph, you just need to replace the words to know that they have the Arabic meaning and memorize the paragraph as it is a mixture of the two languages.

Ignore the rules a bit … let’s learn the language like a child does
Ignore the rules for learning the language as a child

Unfortunately, you may be perfectly familiar with all the basics of the language and grammar, and despite the importance of this, our concern with remembering the rules and organizing the sentences accordingly is the main reason for how we speak the language poorly, so our pronunciation stops and our sentences are weak.

So let’s treat the language like a little kid who doesn’t know writing takes care of it and like an uneducated person who speaks fluently even if he doesn’t understand the rules he uses, and just formulate sentences without worrying about classifying his words on judgment.

10- You have to love the language and set a goal
The psychological factor has the biggest and most important role in language learning, so you always find that optimistic students who have a clear goal for learning a language are exactly the students who excel at learning, so make sure you have an answer to the following question: “Why are you learning this language?”

do not exercise without concentration, it is useless
Don’t exhaust yourself without concentration, it’s useless

One hour with a lot of concentration equals dozens of hours of studying this language, but with a distracted mind, so don’t stress yourself with those ten hours, because it’s no use and make sure you are fully concentrated for the short time, the period that will guarantee you a lot.

make what is going on around you boring with words and phrases
Posters on the wall on papers around you Notes in your mobile apps that remind you and many other ways by which you can wrap everything in the language of your choice with words, phrases and sentences.

This allows you to always remember these words and always see them again, so that they will stay firmly in your memory, and it will be easier to remember and use them because they are always in front of your eyes.

Try to be both a learner and a teacher
Try to be both a learner and a teacher

I took the information … why don’t you try to give him permission? By explaining the language or what you learned in it today to someone, it will guarantee you a lot of things, the most important of which are: that you cannot teach anything without power, and by simply teaching someone and explaining an idea to him. Your focus and awareness of the idea will increase, more importantly, the positive feeling you will feel once the benefit is provided, you will be eager to learn more and explain more lessons.

Your phone – your computer – Internet in this language
Your phone – your computer – Internet in this language

It’s another form of language addiction and a do everything around you form with it, so it looks like that language is becoming your mother tongue, and you just have to:

Convert the language of your phone and your computer to this language (via settings).
Enter your internet browser settings and choose it as the default search and results language, so that when you need to search for information you will need to find it in that language.
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do you speak this language
When you don’t use this language who can’t stop using it, but how? Just talking to you out loud would be weird and funny, but it really deserves to be the best way to learn languages, thanks to which you will be at your convenience and you will discover weaknesses in the pronunciation of the letters and the disposition sentences and improve them, and you can also record your voice and listen to it to get more objective evaluation.

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